If I don’t contact him will he miss me and connect back?


Everybody needs a break from the relationship from time to time. That doesn’t mean breaking up with your partner, but rather spend some time away to bring freshness in a relationship.

Will he miss me if I don’t contact him, is one of the most common concerns among women. The answer to the above question is dependent on many factors. Length of relationship, the strength of relationship and reason for breakup will determine if guys will contact back.

how long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up with a girl

Most of the time, he will miss you and would want you back but might need some alone time to introspect. You should never chase him or go into a clingy mode. Let him take the initiative of contacting you and show that the relationship matters to him as well.

Does ignoring the guy after a breakup make a relationship stronger? Should girls do it?

Men are complicated beings who react differently after a breakup. Some get emotional, some show doesn’t care attitude, and some are in a state of shock to feel anything. It is important to give them some space after a breakup, to understand what they want from a relationship.

Instead of chasing him, giving a silent treatment after a breakup is important for a better future. He might expect you to reconsider the breakup but getting no response from you will make him wonder if you have moved on from the relationship.

You might be worried that he might not call you at all or maybe has moved on to a new relationship. Rather than thinking these thoughts and calling him for patch up, leaving him alone for some time can be beneficial for the relationship.

 Apart from not speaking and seeing him, avoid phone calls, texts and contact via social media and stop connecting with mutual friends. Keep yourself busy that will help you in avoiding him and help you grow as a person.

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Will he miss me if i don’t contact him

A few ways to make you miss him if you don’t contact him-

  • Apply reverse psychology
    This means doing the opposite of what he would be expecting you to do. He would expect a text or call from you, so avoid doing it.

    Men are born hunters and prefer challenges which are difficult to get. If you don’t call him, he will understand that you can enjoy life without him. Eventually, he will come to you with a promise of making things better.

  • Give him space
    Many times, men take for granted what you do for them. They do not realise the importance of what they have until they lose it.

    Let him lose you and get deprived of everything he was taking for granted in the relationship. Make him miss your smile, attentive ear, support and affection by giving space. This will help him in thinking more about the relationship and regret the breakup.

  • Rebounding relationship is not a solution
    Having a breakup and immediately entering into a new relationship will not fix anything. This will not make him miss you and he might assume that you got over him and were never serious about the relationship.

    Men do not chase their ex-girlfriends when they see them with other guys. They simply give up on them and look for a new partner.

  • No contact rule is important
    Most people use no contact rule to get their partner back or make the healing process easy. Following this ensures that you will not be in contact with you ex for a certain period.

    This gives you time to analyse your feelings and understand if this relationship is important for you or not. It will also help guys understand if they love you and if they want to plan their future with you.

    The answer to the question will he miss me if I don’t contact him depends on the individual’s situation. Spending some time away can act as a boon as it will help him in analysing his feeling towards you as well as give time to both of you to reconsider the relationship.

    Does he miss me during no contact is the question in a girl’s mind 24/7. As per the research, 70% of unmarried couple’s breakup within a year and many of them still have strong feelings for their ex, even after the breakup.

Signs to know whether he misses you or not during no contact-

How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact

  • Repeatedly try to contact you
    Is he trying to get in touch with you since after no contact? This is the clear sign of him missing you.

    A guy is decent and respects the boundaries if just send a missing you message. If he sends long messages, sobbing voicemails and letters, then he doesn’t understand your boundaries.

  • Talk to you about others
    Does your ex ask about you from friends and family? This is the way of starting a conversation with you because he misses you.

    This could mean that he wants to be on good terms with your friends and family or begging people to send messages to you on his behalf. You can ask your friends and family to maintain personal boundaries. You will like to keep private some of the information and do not want your ex to know.

  • Look for excuses to see you
    Do you see your ex where ever you go such as grocery store, library or shopping mall? This shows that he is missing you and finding excuses for seeing you.

    If you feel, he is stalking or threatening you, then talk to him and clear out everything. Else, try avoiding places where you and your ex used to go together.

  • Dating other people
    He will avoid dating other girls if he misses you. He will hope to get back together with you and will not want to waste the chances by seeing someone else. On the other hand, some guys hide the pain of missing you with one night stands.

    Always remember the reason for breakup whether he is dating someone or not. You might feel jealous for some time but ensure you don’t contact him in your emotions.

  • Promises to change
    When guys are desperate to reconcile with you, they will apologize for their past mistakes, promise to make them better and requests a second chance.

    If they are ready to work on the issues or make changes, it suggests that they are missing you. Sometimes, they make such promises out of desperation but resort to their old ways once you guys get together. Think it through before you let him back in your life.

Does he miss me during no contact? Should I give him another chance if he wants us to be back together? It completely depends on you. Analyse why you broke up in 1st place and if things have changed and improved since then, for you to come together.

“He texted me during no contact and not sure if I should respond”, is the common query among women. Every situation is different but if your ex is trying to reach out to you, then the least you can do is hear him out.

text him

When he texts you during no contact, always respond and let them know that you are working on improving life, thinking about the mistakes of pasts and finding the solutions for better future. Be humble but don’t make him feel worse.

Is he thinking about me during no contact? Don’t worry, no contact rule is not a mistake, it is the best way to make someone realise your value.

Signs that show he would be thinking about you during no contact-

  • Wondering if you miss him
    He gets used to seeing you and hearing from you but gets crushed when you breakup. He often thinks where are you, what you would be doing, why are you ignoring him, etc.

  • Regretting his actions
    Once he experiences life on his own, he starts missing you. He realises the mistake he made and miss the moments you shared.

    The distance makes him understand that you were priceless and didn’t make enough efforts to keep the relationship together.

  • Thinks if you have moved on
    No contact often makes him think if there is any other guy in your life. Not having correct information makes him sad and frustrated. He will feel jealous and makes him miss you more.

    The duration of no contact depends on the individual involved in the relationship. They should decide the amount of time required to analyse the things and for the relationship fall in its place. It can vary from 30 to 60 days or maybe more depending on how bad the breakup was.

    No contact rule is difficult, but it is important for a better future- with or without him. It will be worth the wait when he reaches out to you and requests to rekindle the relationship.

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