What are the things a female should wear to the gym?

What are the things a female should wear to the gym

Losing weight through regular exercising is a tough task. It requires regular commitment from your end to go to the gym without skipping a day. Thus, the attire you wear to the gym is quite important as it should be comfortable enough to aid in your exercise and not bog you down.

 While choosing the gym clothes, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. Buy functional clothing that will make your body movement easy and quick. One can choose cotton or synthetic fiber as they are comfortable and affordable too. Choose stylish and smart gym clothes to get yourself into a desirable shape.

The major concern among females is as to what to wear for the gym. For them, it is important to have an appropriate combination of clothes for their workouts. The clothes shouldn’t only keep them comfortable while being on a treadmill or lifting weights but should show off their body as well.

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The millennial women don’t like to repeat the clothes on daily basis. Getting perfect clothing based on the tastes and requirements will need repeated attempts. Try out different types of clothes to see whether they are comfortable to wear as well as stylish for the gym.

females in figuring out what should they wear to the gym

Workout undergarments

Changing into the right kind of innerwear before exercising help in giving the best performance. Sports bra limits the breast movement and provides extra support while exercising.

The fabric of bra and underwear should be smooth and stretchy that keeps you comfortable while exercising. Getting sweaty around the private area can cause chaffing, rashes and even yeast infection.

Buy athletic underwear in trendy styles such as panties or boxer brief based on your comfort and need.

Appropriate shoes and socks

Are you hitting the gym for the first time? Initially, use shoes which you already have. Once you start getting regular, choose shoes and socks, which are ideal for the gym. Prefer ankle-length or knee socks for the gym as they provide support for running on a treadmill.

The most suitable shoes for the gym are traditional cross-trainer. They should be light, comfortable and keep your feet cool.

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Gym shirts

Generally, women wear t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts to the gym. Some gyms have a dress code and permit ladies to wear shirts instead of tank or halter tops.

The gym shirts for ladies give the freedom of being in your comfort zone while exercising. These are made of light and stretchy fabric that keeps you cool and support mobility while lifting weights.

Appropriate bottom wears

Generally, women buy the bottom wears matching with shirts. Based on your body type and comfort, go for shorts, yoga pants or sweat pants. These are light, comfortable and allow moving freely.

Suitable hairstyle

The hairstyle to the gym should be simple and must not become a hurdle in your workouts. A simple ponytail or a high bun works perfectly for females with long hairs. Females with short hairs can go for a headband or a hairband which will keep the hair off the face.

While comfortable attire aids in your exercising, equally important is to carry essentials to the gym which you might need before, during or after a workout.

If you are going to the gym for the first time, you might be confused about what essentials to bring to the gym. Some of the required items are-

Gym Bag

Choose an appropriate size bag that can fit all your needy things and fits into a locker. Choose cotton or nylon that is washable, durable and available in myriad colors and styles suiting the preferences.

Fragrances or deodorants

Everybody sweats out at the gym and this is the main goal of going. Some people smell a lot and certainly, you would not like to be a part of that group. Always carry a deodorant or perfume in your gym bag.

You would not like to be labeled a cheapskate who keeps on borrowing from others.

A Gym Towel

It is always important to bring at least one towel to the gym. Many people find it useful to bring one to wipe sweat and another for after the shower. Many people bring a towel to lie down on equipment before using it. This is a good hygiene practice.

Gym Water Bottle

Gyms have water fountains for people to stay hydrated, but it is always recommended to carry your water bottle along to the gym. A good stainless steel bottle which can be used repeatedly should be used.

Gym Earphones

The wireless Bluetooth ear buds come very handily for gym workouts. No hassle with the wire and has great sound quality.

Gym Fitness Tracker

Whether working out solo or “competing” with friends, a fitness tracker can help you in achieving your targets. A fitness tracker will remind about every day physical activity and it can even help in pushing a little harder with workouts.

Face wash

The skin pores open up after the energetic workout session and release oil that could lead to acne, rashes or other skin problems. It is important to wash the face to remove the sweat, dirt and oil.

Post workout Snack

Incorporating protein into the diet is essential to improve fitness levels. When exercise is done the muscle fibres tear and break apart. Protein will help to repair these torn and broken muscle fibres, resulting in improved overall muscle strength and enhanced post-exercise recovery.

Always carry some protein-rich snacks to the gym. Here are some easy, high-protein snacks that can be kept handy-

  • Whey protein powder shakes
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Banana
  • High-protein bars
  • Sandwiches with chicken, salmon or fish

While focusing on keeping yourself healthy and fit, a few lists of items should never be worn to the gym.

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Gym Leggings

This should be a strict no to the gym. Body-hugging clothes are not the best choice as you will be sweating at the gym. These kinds of clothes stick to the body and can make you uncomfortable.

Worn out shoes

Exercising in old shoes can increase the chance of injuries due to the lack of grip and can throw off the alignment of your feet, potentially resulting in knee and hip issues.

Regular bras or stretched out sports bra

Many females end up wearing their everyday bras to the gym. Hip workouts put a different kind of stress on the back and breasts. That is why it is important to switch to a sports bra when hitting the gym, or while indulging in any forms of exercise/sports.

One can pick of low, medium and high impact bras (all of which come with varying levels of compressions and support) based on the choice of activity.


It is a smart option not to carry valuables like wallet, sunglasses or jewelry to the gym and keeping them in the locker room. There could be a scenario when there is no availability of locker and carrying valuables along might give undue stress.

Too tight clothes

Clothing should not be so tight that it restricts movement and makes it impossible to bend over, descend into a full squat or restricts from raising the arms overhead. Too-small pants can cause leg cramps, while tight sports bras can constrict the breathing.

Super baggy clothes

Plus size or loose clothes don’t go well in the gym as it might become a hindrance in the workout and one can even stumble and fall while working on the machines.

A face full of makeup

Makeup has its time and place, and the gym is not one of them. During sweat, dirt and oil can build up under makeup which leads to irritation and promotes acne breakouts. It’s best to go with a freshly washed face wearing nothing besides a light sunscreen.


Going to the gym regularly can help you stay healthy and look good at the same time. Whether you are doing cardio or heavy lifting, it is important to wear comfortable clothes for a good workout.

If you are going for 1st time and not sure on the attire to wear, have a look at the recommendations given above. These can help you in finding the perfect fit for the 1st day at the gym.

It is also important to carry essentials mentioned above to the gym, to help you after the workout as well. Do note that you can only give your 100% in the gym when you feel comfortable in your clothes and aren’t distracted by itchy shoes or tight inner-wear.