How long should you wait to talk to your ex after a breakup?


How long should you wait to talk to your ex after a breakup?

A lot of confusing feelings are thereafter the breakup of a long-term relationship. You will be missing your ex at one moment and be angry at them at another. You will feel lonely and will want your ex to reach out. Don’t expect that happening.

It is common and human to get emotional after a breakup and feel overwhelmed. Once the mind gets clear and the feeling of a breakup has sunk in, you might feel like calling or texting your ex. It is recommended not to contact your ex soon after the breakup.

how long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up with a girl

below reasons can help you deduce the answer to it –

how long you should wait to talk to your ex after a breakup?

  • Breakup was bad
    If the breakup wasn’t mutual and your ex hates you, then you should give them space of a couple of weeks to heal. It is quite probable that they might contact you at that time and if they do, then replace the negative feelings and perceptions with a positive one.

    If they don’t connect with you within that time frame, also don’t think negative about them. Giving them some alone time will help in calming down things and would let the person miss good things about you.

    The separation will help in improving the relationship between the couple.

  • Compatibility and Duration of the relationship
    One of the main concern of guys is how long should you wait to talk to your ex-girlfriend after a breakup. The approach depends on the length and strength of the relationship.

    If the relationship between the couple is casual, then they usually don’t breakup.

    Girls breakup with guys usually because-

    1. Girls want to take a relationship to the next level and guys want to keep it casual.
    2. Felt some attraction but got bored with the guy.
    3. Guys get insecure, clingy, needy and behave immaturely.

If the breakup was due to one of the above reasons, then it is completely dependent on the guy whether he is ready to give what exactly the girl wants. If yes, then he should wait for a few days before approaching her again.

If the relationship was for more than a year, discuss and understand the reason which led to break up before contacting the ex-girlfriend.

How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact

  • Girl moving on to a new relationship
    Attractive and desirable women don’t like to stay single for long. Girls want to be in a relationship where they can be pampered. Their status change to single on social networking sites after a breakup, apps are downloaded like tinder and hang out at bars and pubs to catch the attention of good-looking guys.

    Guys need to get back with the ex-sooner rather than later. If the guys wait for long or apply no contact rule, then they might lose their ex forever.

    A guy should not wait for more than 3-7 days to contact his desirable ex-girlfriend. They should make her comfortable to move-on with them rather than without them.

  • Ready to attract her in a new way
    Most of the time, guys wait for weeks or months before talking to an ex-girlfriend after the breakup but the girl doesn’t show any interest in getting back together. Why do girls respond this way?

    Guys don’t utilise the breakup time in changing or improving themselves. When ex interacts with them, she finds they are still the same.

    If guys want their ex-girlfriends back, then they should use the time away to introspect and improve themselves. They should understand the habits which weren’t liked by their ex and how they can work on that, to show their effort for a better future. Becoming more confident, bold and assertive can help in winning her again.

    For some people, breakups are very emotional, and they find it difficult to move on. Rather than pestering your ex by texting or calling, give them space and time after a breakup. This will make the ex-girlfriend understand that the guy isn’t desperate. She will be able to see the positive aspects of the relationship.

    Getting back together after a breakup is not simple and easy as it looks. There is always fear that breakup might happen again and would eventually give pain and sadness second time too.

how long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up with a girl

How long after breakup to get back together

is the worry for the guys? Reuniting with an ex is a joyous moment but also bring doubts, fears, etc.

Relationships always come with emotional baggage. Things get confusing when there are emotions of past relationships while being with the current partner. You might react strongly due to things that happened in past.

Due to all this, you and your partner may fall into the same patterns. Humans don’t change overnight and might still adhere to old habits.

How long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up?

Before getting back together, consider the following-

  • Find the reason for breakup
    The reason for the breakup is usually considered as dishonesty, lack of communication, blocks to intimacy, flirt and jealousy. This might not be true.

    It could be the certain habits of a partner that leads to the problem. Rather than being a critic, choose to be an observer. Check the way of you two interact and when the stressful situations arise.

    Understand your dynamics and figure out the reason for break up.

  • Take an onus of the disconnecting habits
    Take the onus of what’s taking you apart from each other once the reason for breakup is identified. This does not mean taking the blames as it will not help the relationship. You need to have control over what you think and say. This is the best way of insight and action.

    Observe the things and notice how you are causing the problems. You may not be the one to start the arguments but might make it more heated.

    Take some time to vouch for your behaviors and how you can transform that will be beneficial for your relationship.

  • Focus on what you want
    This is the best time to get rid of the past and let things go. Holding on the grudges and unresolved conflicts will hurt you in the long run. Be honest with you and your partner.

    If it feels, it is not possible to mend the relationship again, then don’t do. But if you want to get back together, then-

    1. Never hide the truth and speak honestly.
    2. Don’t yell on each other and stop arguments.
    3. Communicate respectfully with each other.

This kind of changes will bring big effects on the relationship. The relationship evolves and get better if you get back together with new perspectives and understand what you want from each other. Give a week time to each other before getting back together to make your relationship stronger and greater.

how long does it take for an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to miss you with no contact.

Separating from a long-term relationship will always give a feeling of emptiness. Some techniques will help in getting back the years of love. Do people in long term relationships get back together after breaking up? Yes, it is possible.

You need to understand what efforts you can put from your end to get back together after breakup of long-term relationships. There will always be doubts between the couple but you

can bring the changes and freshness in a relationship by talking about things that bother.

To get back the long term relationships, consider the following-

  • Difference in emotions
    Less than a year relationship is called as ‘passionate love at first sight’. A long-term relationship is completely different because as feeling and emotion reduce and you don’t put effort to discover each other further.
  • Cause of the breakup
    Usually, long-term relationship breaks due to lack of communication, the routine gets over or unfulfilled promises. People start taking their partners for granted, stays at home for long rather than hanging out together and steadily, the passions frizzle out.

    This is normal in every relationship. If this kind of turbulence happens for a longer time, then the relationship becomes weak leading to a breakup.

    To get the long-term relationship back, work on improving yourself. Introspect and understand what the concerns of your ex were and how you can work on it to show that you are changed person and willing to go miles for the sake of the relationship.

    Focusing on this will help in re-establishing the communication and can develop that affinity that had faded over time.

    Breaking up not only means just losing a partner but you lose the idea of who you would have been with them and the life you would have envisioned together. Breakups are hard and getting back together is even harder due to lingering doubts. Before getting back together, always give each other enough time, so that the relationship bond gets stronger.

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