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health write for us

Are you looking for an opportunity where you can post your contents on different topics? You have landed at the right place where you get an opportunity for writing some blogs and posting at our site. When it is the domain health blog, you can write the content in any of the topics like weight loss, exercise, health, wellness, yoga, diet, relationship, bodybuilding, etc. As an experienced blogger, I can understand that you use Google or Bing to reach your blog via different terms like “submit guest post” + “health”. When you are looking for health and fitness write for us, then you should consider like health + write for us + great post, or you may also look for blog write for us. You must cover some concepts that are necessary for health blogs.

Who can write for us?

The foremost thing is the informative content for the readers. If your site is informative and engages the audience in reading that offers more advantage to the readers, your content will be welcomed. If your content is presented in such a way, we are glad to link such type of contents. We offer services for two categories of people.

  • Health service companies and professionals: If you are the one who is interested to promote your service, you can take advantage of our platform with your health and fitness articles and our readership. We welcome commercials and here to promote your infographic as well.
  • Awareness events and NGGO: If you are looking to offer space equally, we can help you in making the audience aware of the area that you are emphasizing.

Guidelines for presenting the article

  • You can present the article either in the topic that you like or even will also suggest you the best topic
  • The health and wellness article format should appear good and readability should be better. That is there should be enough side headings, make your article in small paragraphs, highlight the most important words or points, and add bullets based on the article
  • The content should be original and should not match any of the contents published in any of the other sites
  • The article should be in the word count that is expected based on the content
  • If it is possible to add some back link, we highly welcome it

Publishing process

When you feel that you have completed your health article of some topics like fitness exercise at home, you can send them to our mail id found in the contact us page. You can include the subject like “write for us”, “health guest post”, “health care post” for your article. We have our specialized editorial team who will review your content before posting them to be original in our site. We also make it SEO friendly, remove grammatical errors if any, add images for enhancing the quality of the content. All these processes generally take 2 to 3 working days and we will inform you once if your content is published. We also believe that social media plays a vital role in better reach, so we will also help you with more shares in social media.

Are there any chances for disapproval of the article?

Yes! It cannot be said that all the articles will be published on the site. There are certain instances where your article will be rejected as well. It includes,

  • If the content is completely promotional or written only with the intention of advertisements
  • If the article contains certain author bios
  • If the content is irrelevant to the topic given
  • If the keywords seem to be stuffed and they do not appear to be natural in the article
  • If the content is duplicate and there is plagiarism in the content

Start writing your content now!

You might have understood the guidelines for presenting the best publishable article now. For more information, you can also have a visit to our site. Content is the best way that offers more opportunity in this internet driven era. Make your content on health write for us now and join hands with us for publishing them!