What should be the schedule for a 7-month old baby?

schedule for a 7 month old baby

Schedule For a 7 Month Old Baby

Babies should be trained to have a daily routine in the initial few months after being born. This will make yours as well as baby’s life easier. Routines ensure that a baby does not get overtired, too hungry or over-excited by the end of the day.

Sticking to a schedule will make your baby feel safe and secure. Not only that, but you can also strive to make the schedule of 7-month old baby fun. Get the baby to try different foods as this is the best time to develop new tastes and textures.

With the addition of breast milk or formula, you can introduce water or a small amount of fresh fruits juice. Based on sleeping, eating and playing pattern, you can decide the schedule for a 7-month old baby that is suitable for both parents.

At this age, babies get curious about things and people around them. They try to test motor skills and getting mobile. You will notice varied things such as crawling or rolling, picking up things and babbling.

A 7-month old baby looks forward to playtime and enjoys playing. They would show their emotions and signs of anxiety or behave strangely. Having a schedule is very important as it promotes the all-round development of the baby.

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Below are the baby’s needs and requirements at this age-

Sleep time

It is very difficult to predict sleep schedule for 7-month old as this can very erratic. Some babies sleep throughout the night without feeding and a few others may get up in every two to three hours.

Some babies might have 3 naps in the day until 9-10 months. A third nap could be a shorter time of 30-45 minutes known as cat nap. Thus, a 7-month old baby should be taking nap 2-3 hours per day and must sleep for 11-12 hours at night to feel refreshed throughout the day.


This varies with every baby but with a certain schedule, you can make your baby eat on time. A baby needs to be fed several times a day i.e. within every 2-3 hours. Once the baby starts taking solid foods after 6 months, manipulate the meal times accordingly.

Apart from meals, a baby should be fed formula or breast milk for five to seven times a day. Thus, making a ritual of this can help you with the eating timings of the baby.

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This would require you to put some effort to understand when the best time for active or quiet play is. Some babies enjoy playtime when they just wake up from a nap. Try to identify the cues that show when the baby is bored or turning fussy or expressing frustration through toys.

7-month old baby schedule

Wake time length: About 2-4 hours

Sleep time length: 2-3 daytime naps of 30 minutes to 3 hours, may sleep up to 12 hours overnight or wake once or twice

Total sleep time: 12-16 hours a day

Sample schedule with 2 naps

7-7:30 am – Wake up (3-3.5 hours)

10:30 am – 1st nap (1 hour)

11: 30 am – Wake time (2.5 hours)

2 pm – 2nd nap (2 hours)

4 pm – Wake time (3-3.5 hours)

7-7:30 pm – Sleep (12 hours with or without waking up in between night)

Total sleep time – 15 hours

Things to consider while making a routine for a 7-month old baby-

Don’t wait for the baby to turn 7-month for setting the routine. This can be started earlier as well so that you and baby can get accustomed to the schedule. At this age, babies require enough rest, sufficient quantity of food and adequate time to play and learn.

Setting a schedule might seem too early but it is a good thing as the child grows. This will bring discipline in yours as well as the baby’s life.

A general routine can help in planning your day, will help in deciding baby’s feeding schedule and ensures that the best routine is found for you and baby overtime.

Often, the 7-month old baby will not be sleeping enough. This is due to a lot of brain development. Babies start to learn to crawl, scooting, sitting, pulling and cruising by the 4-5th month.

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They try to absorb the language they hear and learn things concerning colour and size. It is very difficult to sleep when the brain is busy. Such signs show baby is going through regression phase. Other symptoms are baby waking at night or taking small naps.

As they will be getting their first teeth or more, teeth pain can also be one of the reasons for them to sleep less. Apart from the developmental leaps and teeth, another reason for many 7-months old baby not sleeping enough is due to the transition from 3 to 2 naps.

To regulate the baby’s sleep, try sleep training method. On discussing with various mothers,

the recommended sleep training method to help toddlers including my 7-month old baby are:

Cry it out (CIO)

This sleep training method is also known as ‘extinction’ method. It involves putting the baby to bed and letting them cry until they fall asleep without any comfort or help from you.

You will not have to go near them until the baby has been put to bed with a full tummy and in a safe environment. This seems harsh but with consistency, the baby would fall asleep own within 3-4 nights.

Ferber method

No parents want their baby to keep crying without giving any comfort or attention. Choose this method also known as graduation extinction or check and console. Leave the baby crying for a set period before checking on them.

These timed intervals of crying get longer by a few minutes with every interval until they fall asleep. Increase the time of these intervals gradually and reduce your presence nearby baby allowing them to settle down own.

Sooner, you will not have to do this comfort check-ins because the baby would learn to self-soothe.

Chair method

This method is best for older babies and is most preferred than the 1st methods. You need to sit in a chair near the baby’s crib until they fall asleep without picking them up.

With each passing night, keep moving the chair until you get closer to the door. By then, the baby will fall asleep without you being there. This method does not work for babies who can’ put you out mind until you’re out of sight.

Bedtime fading method

Does your baby wail for a while before falling asleep? The body might not be ready for sleep at the desired bedtime. With bedtime fading method, modify circadian rhythm to change the baby’s bedtime what you want it to be. Below is the how-

  • Check the baby’s sleep cues (eye rubbing, yawning, turning away from light or sound, fussiness).
  • Pull them to bed once they look tired.
  • If the baby cries a lot, take out from the crib for a while and then try again.
  • After a few nights of putting down at that time, shift bedtime 15 minutes early and repeat this with new bedtime.
  • Shift bedtime 15 minutes early gradually until the desired bedtime.

Bedtime fading method involves decreasing a parent’s presence gradually in the baby’s room while putting them to sleep.

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Pick up and put down method

This sleep training method involves going through the baby’s normal bedtime routine, then putting them down to bed drowsy but awake. When and if they cry, wait for a few minutes to check if they settle down on their own. If not, pick up and soothe them and once calmed, put them back in the crib.

Check with your doctor if you want any guidance on when and how to start the sleep training exercise.


There is no bigger joy in the world than being parents of a little one. While kids bring a lot of happiness in our life, their initial months have an odd sleeping schedule which can put stress in our life.

It is important to develop a routine from 6-7 month onwards, to aid the growth of a child. Toddlers, when fed on time and with adequate sleep will have more energy to grasp and learn new things. This will increase their brain activity and will make a strong base for future development.

If you are facing issue in getting your baby sleep on time, try the above-recommended sleep training methods. These methods will help your child sleep as per schedule which will be beneficial for both parents as well.