How To Get Your New-Born To Sleep In Their Bassinet?

how to get newborn to sleep in bassinet

How To Get NewBorn to sleep in bassinet

A sleeping baby always looks peaceful and calm, whether it’s middle of day or night. When the baby is sleeping, it also gives parents a chance to get some sleep of their own.

Every parent’s wishes their baby to have a full night sleep, but it can get complicated when the baby refuses to sleep in their bassinet. Sleepless nights and days make the baby cranky and irritated, which eventually affects your life as well.

 A few tips on how to get new-born to sleep in the bassinet-

Maintain a steady routine

This is one of the most common advice given to new parents. A baby will sleep on time if there is a fixed routine. It is important to make them sleep at the same time every night involving a warm bath, light massage or breastfeeding.

As soon as you see the little one sleepy or drowsy, swaddle and sing a lullaby. Put them in a bassinet as they fall asleep and observe them as they sleep peacefully.

Be around the bassinet

Babies easily recognize parents’ scent and feel comfortable when they are around them. Make your presence feel in the bassinet to ensure that the child feels comfortable. You can make the sheet of the bassinet smell like you as it’s not possible to co-sleep with baby.

Tuck the sheet between your chin and neck for a few days and do the same with the sleeping clothes of the baby. This method will take a few days for the sheets to be ready and smell like you but will eventually bear fruits.

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Keep the bassinet close to the bed

While training the baby to sleep in the bassinet, place it next to your bed so that baby feels your presence. They will not get scared as they are aware of your presence. Keeping the bassinet closer to bed allows you to reach to the baby if they wake up.

It is also considered a better alternative to co-sleeping which can lead to suffocation for the baby and poor sleep for you.

Swaddle the baby

It is important to swaddle the baby in the arms while making them sleep and before putting them in the bassinet. Swaddling makes the babies feel safe and protected and gives the warmth and comfort of the mother’s womb.

Swaddle lowers the startle reflex and improves sleep as reflex activates by a change in light, sound or temperature.

Lay them down when awake

When the baby is awake, always lay them down in the bassinet. This is the best way to train a new-born to sleep. You would like to keep them in arms when they cry but try to resist while making them sleep in the bassinet.

Make the baby feel cosy and comfortable by the bedtime. Place them in the bassinet when they feel drowsy.

Sing a lullaby or read a story

You can sing a lullaby or read a story once you place the baby in the bassinet. The voice of parents soothes baby and makes them fall asleep quickly. Reading or singing calms them and allows them to sleep comfortably in the bassinet.

Buy an inclined bassinet

All the babies are not comfortable sleeping flat on their back throughout the night, especially if they have issues such as acid reflux. If you don’t want to raise the mattress for inclination with the use of wedges, then buy a bassinet that comes with an incline system.

These inclined based bassinets provide the appropriate angle that helps the baby sleep without any fuss.

Make the sleep environment comfortable

An appropriate sleep environment helps the baby sleep quickly and comfortably. You can dim the lights an hour before the baby sleep time to make them feel adjusted to it. Ensure that the bassinet sheets are soft and comfortable. They are made of cotton or a combination of a polyester blend that is warm to touch.

Keep the room temperature optimal, neither too warm nor too cold. If the baby gets irritated when placed in the bassinet, try to give the warmth from the comfort of your arms.

Choose a bassinet that rocks

Bassinets of various types are available in the market. The most popular among them come with rocking skids and wheels. Buy a bassinet with rocking skid if the baby likes to be rocked while sleeping. Inclined bassinet models come with motorized rockers and vibration feature that is useful for babies with an issue of acid reflux.

Never put cushions, pillows or toys in the bassinet that can make the baby feel suffocated. Place a blanket and pacifier to let the baby sleep comfortably. The above-mentioned tips can help you with how to get new-born to sleep in the bassinet.

Bassinets are used at the new-born stage until the baby can move, roll over or push upon their heads. Some may have weight restrictions that vary with the model you buy.

There is a list of the bassinet for 6-month-old baby-

1. Mika Micky bedside sleeper easy folding portable bassinet

This is one of the best portable bassinets for a baby that integrates seamlessly into the edge of the bed. You can easily attend the baby at any time and makes breastfeeding easy and stress-free.

For the first few months, the baby sleeps in the same room as parents and also shares the bed. Using a co-sleeper bassinet acts as a bridge between the two and brings baby to the bed level. It also keeps them in their environment.

This bassinet can be adjusted into seven heights and has breathable mesh at each side. The rolling casters help in moving it easily anywhere in the house and matches easily with home décor styles.

2. Delta children sweet beginnings bassinet

This bassinet comes with an adjustable canopy that will help in protecting the baby from excess light while sleeping. It has a storage basket at the bottom where you can keep the baby’s essentials.

It has 4 wheels which can be moved from one place to another easily. The nightlight and sound features can be controlled by one button only.

3. MiClassic 2in1 stationary and rock bassinet

This portable bassinet is the best choice during travel as it can be folded and stored easily. The two different options i.e. stationary or rocking helps in calming down the baby and make them sleep in no time.

It has breathable mesh surrounding the cradle, allowing air ventilation for the baby. This see-through mesh also allows you to communicate with the baby easily. It is an affordable option in the market that provides comfort and safety to your baby.

4. Fisher-price soothing motions bassinet

This cute baby product has multiple features that help in soothing baby to sleep. It can even calm down the crankiest baby by its gently swaying motion. The mesh creates excellent airflow and reduces the risk of suffocation.

The projector acts as a soothing nightlight that allows you to check safely the baby. This baby product usually lasts for a longer time and promises to provide a safe sleeping area for baby and parents to enjoy.

5. SwaddleMe by your side sleeper

This is the best travel portable bassinet for new-born that can be folded completely flat for storage. It comes with exterior pads lined with a soft, breathable mesh for airflow and visibility.

It is quite spacious and allows baby to sleep safely and comfortably. This is the best choice for parents who want their baby to sleep closer while having a safety barrier. The mattress is comfortable and is ultra-portable that can be easily placed in the bed.

Whether you are looking portable bassinet for travel or home use, for toddler or new-born, great options are there in every category.


The babies need an adequate amount of sleep time for the development and growth of their mind and body. Not getting enough sleep every day might make the baby cranky and affect their day to day learning.

If you want to give your baby comfortable and warm sleep time every night, use Bassinet. They are one of the safest and best options for both of you. The various versions of the bassinet can be used while travelling as well as at home and help you in connecting you’re your baby as they grow in initial years.

Use the above-recommended methods to help your baby sleep on time every night in the Bassinet All methods might not work for you and the baby might take time to get adjusted to it, so have patience while using the methods.