Miracle prayer for conception to help in getting pregnant

miracle prayer getting pregnant

Have you been trying to conceive for a long time and still not successful? Seeing other couples with kids might make you wonder if you will ever have one of your own. You might have lost hope but don’t give up. Have faith in a miracle.

There are prayers in the Bible for women who are trying to conceive. The prayers and thoughts help you stay focused on God’s love, light and will for life. You will feel connected with Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, miracle prayer for getting pregnant is written in Samuel 1 and it is important to understand the essence of the prayer. You might assume that you will get pregnant as soon as you pray, even if it’s not god’s will. If you don’t get pregnant quickly, you will lose further hope.

Therefore, it is important to put God’s will ahead of your desire to get pregnant. Do not pray to get what you want; rather align your heart and mind with God’s will.

Praying might or might not give what you want, but it will give you a joyful and peaceful life. This is what God wants for everyone. Prayer is all about spending time with God to know him and understand his teachings better.

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Miracle prayer for getting pregnant is not only about having a baby; it will make your relationship with Jesus deeper, more personal and healthier. You will learn how to be stable, secure and peaceful, no matter what happens in life.

Prayer for a pregnancy

Women pray with anguish and resentment when they get tired from trying to conceive. Ask God to grant your request and say.

“Lord of armies, if you will take notice of your servant’s affliction, remember and not forget me, and give your servant a son, I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life, and his hair will never be cut”.

If its god will, sooner or later your prayer will be granted.

God grants prayer to get pregnant

Women not only give their baby to God; they vow to completely to set them for a holy life. Even before prayers are answered, the soon to be born kid becomes a worshiper of God.

Be after God’s heart before you conceive and worship him even after you get pregnant. Release your grip, loosen your grasp and let go of the desperation to get pregnant.

Love the God for who he is instead of complaining about not giving what you want. Many times, you might not say correct things while praying to open your womb for a child.

You need to get out of the desperation to get pregnant, let go of the neediness and desire to have a baby and pray to God with a pure heart. God only grants wishes to those who worship him from their heart and not from desires.

Worship God for who he is

Praying for a baby is a beautiful act of worship. You will not be depressed and desperate if you accept whatever plans God has for you.

It is good to pray for a baby but your happiness should not be based on a child. Setting your heart, mind and soul for having a baby might not be the right way to worship God. You should be to God’s holy and perfect will for your life.

Accept whatever God has planned for you and your family. Learn to worship and trust him even if you are not pregnant after praying for years.

Centring prayer for pregnancy

This is an ancient meditation art that helps in calming the heart and mind. Take a deep breath and let God fill your life with peace, love, joy and freedom.

4 steps will guide through a centring prayer for pregnancy. Just remember that your goal isn’t about getting pregnant; rather it’s about getting closer to God and aligning your wills with his.

1. Choose a sacred word or phrase to show your prayer for pregnancy

The focus of centring prayer is to agree to God’s presence and actions. Choosing a word or phrase will ensure that you are requesting God’s work and power in your life whether you get pregnant or not.

2. Take time to connect with God

Never pray at a place where you might fall asleep or be distracted. Close your eyes and let go of everything within you, your hopes and wishes to get pregnant. Prayer should be meant to soothe your mind, heart and spirit.

3. Use your sacred word in prayer

Even if the disruptive thoughts or emotions are bothering your meditation, replaces them with the sacred word. Using the word ‘faith’ or the phrase ‘God’s will be done’ will make you feel positive.

4. Rest in silence after prayer

Take 2-3 minutes pause to transition from centring prayer to your daily chores. This will help in settling your intimacy with God in heart, mind and soul. You will feel peaceful, hopeful, faithful and able to accept God’s will.

Whether you get pregnant or not, the miracle prayer for getting pregnant is about learning to be peaceful, hopeful and accepting god’s will.

Some couples do prayer to conceive twins as they wish to raise the two kids together. They believe that both kids will be able to complement each other on strength and weakness and bond will grow stronger with time.

If the 1st one falls, the 2nd one will be able to lift the former. If someone attacks any of them, two of them together will be able to resist the attack and fight back. The parents pray for twins as they believe it will be easier to raise 2 kids of the same age together rather than 2 of different age group.

There is a prayer for twins in the Bible that will help you in getting blessed with one. Say the prayer-

Heavenly Father I pray that right now you are working a miracle in my body; I ask Lord in your name that you will bless my family with the Twins. Lord, you know the desires of our hearts. You know the disappointment and the loss we have endured. Lord by your Grace and Mercy I ask that right now at this very moment you are working a miracle in my body. I thank you, Lord that in a few weeks we will rejoice in your name at the news of our pregnancy. I also pray for solid attachment of my baby to the uterine wall. I pray that my womb and body will be healthy and that I will carry my babies to grow perfectly week by week. I plead the blood of Jesus as a hedge of protection around my womb protecting my babies from all harm.

In Twins burg, Ohio, 7th-9th August is celebrated as twins’ day festival. This event hosts the large annual gathering of twins in the world. It is not only about giving love and respect to the twins but also the parents. They go through immense physical, emotional and financial pain while delivering and taking care of the kids.

It is always important to be thankful to God as, without his will, it will not be possible to be a blessing with twins. There is a prayer for new-born twins as described-

“Dear Heavenly Father, what a joy the birth of a new baby brings and we thank you for the safe delivery of this little life, and ask you to pour out your special blessing upon them and the whole family.

We thank you for the gift of children and the joy that they bring into the lives of so many, and we offer you this new-born baby and entrust their little life into your safe-keeping.

Guard and protect this little one, we pray. Enfold them in your love and grace, and we ask that in your grace and mercy, that the light of your love would shine into their little life and that one day they would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, we pray”.

Most couples who pray to God with their heart often get blessed with twins, if its God will for them. If you know any couple who had twins and would like to wish them, here are some blessed with twins’ message-

  1. Not just one but even two, I am / we are so happy for you! Congratulations on your happy and healthy baby twins. I/we hope this is a wonderful time filled with lots of joy and happiness for your new family.
  2. Here comes double trouble! Congratulations on your twins /twin girls/ twin boys.
  3. Congratulations on the two little blessings sent from God. Enjoy the time of twice the smile and love.


With faith and love in your heart, keep saying the miracle prayer for getting pregnant. Read books on healthy pregnancies, happy births and smooth transitions to motherhood.

Don’t lose hope nor be angry towards God even if you don’t get pregnant after trying and praying for months. He has a plan for you and is testing your love and worship towards him in these difficult times.

Whether you want a single kid or twins, just pray to him through all your might and try to align yourself on his will. Then only you will understand his love and purpose for you and find peace and calmness in life.

No matter how long it takes, just be grateful to God for all the blessings he has already poured into your life through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.