Is a powerful miracle prayer for pregnancy successful?

Is a powerful miracle prayer for pregnancy successful

A child is a source of joy and comfort for parents. It is heart-breaking for the women who are not able to conceive. Though science and technology have made great advancements, there is still quite a bit of uncertainty around these new methods to conceive.

Miracle prayer for pregnancy can help you to conceive naturally. Both partners should pray to god for the miracle to happen. If you pray from your heart and if it’s god’s will, eventually God will accept the request and blessed you with a healthy kid.

Here are some miracle prayers for pregnancy that can be used for the conception-

  • Dear God, you created my inmost being in my mother’s womb. Thank you, Lord, for how you’ve taken care of me. God, I trust all the plans you have for me. I am eternally grateful to you for all that I am blessed with. Aid me in getting pregnant and knit together life in my womb, just as you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

  • Lord, I am impatient and prone to worry, help me to rest in your promises, and never lose hope. Please bless me with the miracle of life. Make my womb habitable and help me have a family of my own.

  • Oh, mighty Lord, you are the creator of all things. Help me in getting pregnant naturally, and then carrying the baby to full-term. Amen.

  • God, teach me your ways. Help me direct my life in your truth; you are the provider of redemption. I am hopeful of your mercy.

No matter how long you have been trying, these powerful miracle prayers if said to god from heart, can help you in successfully getting pregnant.

Getting pregnant is more than a biological process. Are you wondering if it is a miracle to get pregnant? Once you understand the probability and process of how an egg gets fertilised, then you will know why conception is referred to as a ‘miracle’.

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Having a baby might look simple but the process of conception and pregnancy is quite complicated. The chances are extremely low in any given cycle. It is just about one in five every month based on the odds of health, optimum age and couples fertility.

Here are some statistics-

  • 20% of couples will not conceive in the first year of trying
  • 25% of couples get pregnant in the first month of trying
  • 60% will conceive within six months
  • 80% will get pregnant within a year

Not easy to conceive-

The human reproductive system was not designed to make babies. While going through the conception process, some hurdles and obstacles need to be overcome from hostile mucus and receptive eggs to wayward, sluggish or damaged sperm.

The conception window is very small; just a few days in a month. To conceive in this duration, a woman must ovulate millions of sperm to take off their journey.

Sperm and egg does not match-

Every day men’s bodies make millions of sperm in the hope that one of them will join with an egg. A healthy man ejaculation contains more than 100 million sperm. 40% are ‘normal’ to fertilize the egg; others die, get lost or swim off in the wrong direction.

About 50 sperm only get to the place where the egg would be after going through cervical mucus, uterus and fallopian tubes. It is also important that the egg is ready for the implantation. The egg is available for 12 and 24 hours per cycle and the healthy surviving sperm can live up to 5 days.

Conception occurs only when one lucky sperm will get a chance to penetrate the egg. After this, the egg fertilises and becomes an embryo, thus, leading to pregnancy. Given the odds of 1 in million sperm fertilizing the egg, it is completely a miracle to get pregnant.

Today, women who are 45-46 years old are also trying to get pregnant. With age, fertility in women declines exponentially. Thus, for them to have a natural pregnancy at 46, will be close to a miracle only.

Yet, they can try below suggestions to increase their chances of conceiving-

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1. Stop taking the pills

Sometimes, people stop taking the pills and get pregnant next month. In the case of fertility issues, the longer you are on the pills, the body will take more time to get back to the natural cycle.

With time, switch to an alternative form of conception in the process.

2. Change the diet to low carb

There is a link between insulin and fertility hormones. Moving to low carb will make a huge difference. The period cycle will get regular due to the change in diet as well.

Take pre-conception multivitamin

Usually, doctors recommend folate and iodine medicines. Ensure to get the nutrients by consuming whole food meals rather than supplements, to have a healthy body and period cycle.

4. Use fertility prediction sticks

The certain hormone increases before ovulation. Peeing on these sticks test for the hormone and help in identifying the ovulation time within 24-48 hours.

In the case of PCOS, this hormone elevates for longer, thus the test will not be accurate as it usually works for women with regular cycles. These sticks can be bought online in bulk at a cheaper price.

5. Learn to understand the fertile signs

This is about tracking the consistency of vaginal mucus throughout the cycle. In the case of irregular cycles, it is difficult to understand the body’s mucus. You can use apps in your phone or medical kit for tracking your cycle.

6. Don’t over-exercise

Some women prefer running 50-60km a week for staying fit, but this can do more harm than good. Over-exercising or exerting yourself is not as good as it overheats the body. Don’t go running every day; rather go for a walk or do yoga.

With a few lifestyle changes and prayers, you might be able to achieve the miracle of pregnancy at 46.

What are the chances of getting pregnant at 46 years old?

Fertility declines and the chances of getting pregnant naturally at 46 years old are quite less as well. If you are keen, consult your doctor 1st.

Based on the type of body and condition, the doctor will tell you about your fertility condition and the best options to conceive at your advance age.

One of the popular and successful processes is in vitro fertilisation (IVF). In this, a donor egg or your frozen eggs can also be used to be fertilized. If a woman plan to undergo with her eggs, then a chromosomal screening of embryos (also known as PGT-A) is recommended.

Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle which is an amazing journey when happen. A few pregnancy miracles stories will leave you spell-bound.

  • The pregnant woman who got pregnant

    Julian Grovenburg was already pregnant with a baby and again had conception. This means that getting pregnant while pregnant is known as ‘superfetation’.

    Conceiving the babies within 2 weeks of one another is a miracle. This is an unusual and rare but in the medical world, anything is possible.
  • Twin babies survived a tragedy

    In 2012, a 26-year old Christine Bolden was pregnant with twins and collapsed in the parking lot. After being admitted to the hospital, she had a series of aneurysms and was told brain dead five days.

    The family don’t want to lose three of them. Thus, they asked the doctor to keep her alive long enough until the babies born safely. The doctors complied and Bolden lived on life support for a few weeks before blood pressure started rising.

    It was decided to deliver the babies and both twins born safely. The doctors shut down Bolden’s machines and let her drift away.
  • Labour could be very long

    In 2012, a woman named Joanna Krzysztonek was in labour for 75 days. With doctors’ insistence, she had her feet above her head for part of that time.

    She gave birth to the first of her triplets at 21 weeks of pregnancy and unfortunately, 1 infant didn’t survive. She wasn’t able to stop the contractions due to which chances of the other two children survival was also very less.

    Doctors put her in a bed tilted at a 30-degree angle and feet up. This eased the contractions for a few months and thus, the other two children were delivered safely after 75 days of labour.

    There are endless beautiful pregnancy miracle stories which might sound shocking but shows that if you have hope and faith in God, miracles can happen for you as well.


While it is difficult to get pregnant in the late 40s, it is still possible. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle that will increase your chances of conceiving as well as delivering a healthy baby.

Science alone will not be enough for you to conceive. You need god’s blessing as well to for getting pregnant successfully. Pray to God from your heart, soul and mind and have full faith in him.

If you take care of your body and if your prayers to God are selfless and true, then surely God will bless you with the fruit of motherhood.