Mana village: A journey towards last Indian village

India last village: Mana

Does everyone keep saying why it is important to travel? For me traveling is one of the best ways to educate yourself. It helps you to learn new things about society, nature and will induce positive thoughts in your life. Moreover, it is more important for your health as it brings much-needed relaxation to your stressful life. It helps you to motivate yourself and lead a successful and happy life. Time constraint is an invalid excuse and it helps you to explore the different destinations which bring joy and happiness in you. Am fond of traveling and more interested in exploring new places. Lastly, I have visited the official “last Indian village” called mana village which is also nature’s treasure with rich traditional and cultural heritage.

Mana- A nature’s child:

Mana- A nature’s child:

The village Mana is covered with Mesmerizing vistas at one end and river Saraswathi flowing at another end. You can witness the beauty of nature at its peak. Mana village is officially India’s last village which is situated at 3km away from Badrinath. You can get to see the tiny houses that are built on the narrow lines that lead to mountains. Major occupation is women knitting woolen clothes and men doing agriculture. Few shops will be there which eases their living and there is where you can have some refreshments. You need to plan your trip that will help you to witness different places and enjoy the beauty of nature as much as you can.

Places to visit in Mana village:

Places to visit in mana village:

A short walk will help you to reach some historical destinations like Vysa cave, Bheema cave and Bheem pool which is said that Bheema moved the rock to find a way for Draupadi to cross the river.  You can take photo poses at saint A.K.A BABA. While visiting these places you can get to enjoy the fresh and cool breeze which will ease your mind and you will get huge psychological relaxation over there. Just think that you are in a place which is surrounded by the beauty of nature and cool air that helps you to get much-needed refreshment as much as you can. You can enjoy warm tea at the last tea shop located there. Vasundra falls is famous for its medicinal values and a round trip will take 6 hours to reach the falls so you need to plan it accordingly. During traveling, you can get to see wonderful flowers if it’s a flowering season. Water drop in the falls is like spraying not falling which will give you a different sort of experience there.

There are many places to visit :

  • Vyasa Gufa
  • Ganesha Gufa
  • Tapt Kunda 
  • Vasudhara

 Interesting Place also a lot offering.

Mana village is one of the best places for trekking in India. There are many adventurous trek routes :

  • Mana to Vasudhara 
  • Mana to Mana Pass
  • Mana to Satopanth 
  • Mana to Charanpaduka.

Location of Mana village:

Location of mana village:

Mana village is often covered with snow during the most part of the year and it will be accessible only for a few months. Mana is 50km away from Joshimath and both Badrinath and mana are located at the altitude of 3100M+

How to reach Mana:

How to reach mana:

You can club the trip with your Badrinath/Kedarnath visit.  From Delhi, you will be having bus facilities and even train Facilities are available from Dehradun.  After reaching Dehradun you can travel to Joshimath via public transport or a hired taxi which is approximately 280km from Dehradun. Then it will take two hours to reach Badrinath from Joshimath.

Best season to visit Mana village:

Mana village

The best time to visit Mana village is May to June it is also considered as the peak season for visiting Badrinath temple. It can be accessible till November but the monsoon season prevailing during September will sometimes halt your journey and you will end up visiting minimum places.

If you got the chance to visit Mana village don’t miss the opportunity. Visit there and enjoy the beauty of nature at its peak.