How to get the cheapest and lowest Bangkok tour package?

lowest Bangkok tour package

Get The Cheapest And Lowest Bangkok Tour Package

Thailand is one of the most popular and best holiday destinations in the world for people of all age group. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital is a dream city for a holiday if you are travelling with your spouse, family or just friends.

Bangkok is known as the gateway to the Southeast Asian world and often acts a layover if you are travelling to the east. You will need much more than a couple of layover hours to explore this beautiful city. If you are planning to explore Bangkok and other beautiful parts of Thailand, choose the lowest Bangkok tour package offered from the tour operators.

Thailand is known for food, it’s heritage and culture, colours and chaos. Trip to Bangkok could be magical as the people of the city are fun-loving and friendly. The city never sleeps and gets much more amazing during night-time.

You will find the visitors around the year in Bangkok, visiting exploring various sights on a tuk-tuk, canals, bicycle or foot. There is a lot to discover in Bangkok-from skyscrapers with sky bars to the ancient Buddha temples.

If you are on a limited budget and wondering if the cheapest Bangkok tour package will be worth it, then don’t worry. With so many things to explore in the city, you can enjoy a lot in Bangkok on a shoestring budget.

Cheapest And Lowest Bangkok Tour Package for family and couple

Food, drink and nightlife

Bangkok is a hub for great food. The city has a variety of eating options that are available throughout the day and night. You can have a quick bite at the local Thai cuisine and street foods stalls or choose a luxurious romantic dinner at some restaurants by the river.

It is recommended to eat from the roadside food stalls to experience flavours and aroma of Thailand. There are a few popular places to eat and should not be missed. Whether it’s the experiment cuisine of Klong Toey market or Thai iced tea at Rod Fai Night market, the street food is colourful just like the city.

Bangkok is popular for its nightlife, bars and pubs. If you want to explore all those on the sea, then choose Chao Phraya river cruise for dinner along with friends and family.

Many Indian go to Bangkok just for shopping only. If you are one of them, then choose Makemytrip for cheapest Bangkok tour package with airfare. Some of the popular and must-visit markets of Bangkok are-

Chatuchak weekend market

This is one of the biggest weekend markets in the world. There are about 27 sections with a variety of options- home décor, paintings, hats, clothes, souvenirs, bags, pet accessories, etc. The shop owners are friendly and prices are reasonable. If you have good bargaining skills, then this could be the best place to use it.

MBK centre

Mahbookkrong centre is one of the most famous shopping malls in Bangkok. It is a hub for gadgets, electronic items, clothing, accessories, etc. You can easily negotiate and get the items at a cheaper price.

If you are brand conscious and want products at reasonable prices, then you can find many shops for that as well here.

Famous tourist spots in Bangkok-

With so many attractions in the city, it is not easy to decide which tourist spot to visit if travelling on the cheapest Bangkok tour package. Some of the must-visit is:

  1. Wat Arun
    This is also known as the temple of dawn located on the banks of river Chao Phraya. The temple was named after a Hindu god who is the incarnation of the rising sun rays. To see the sunset, visit the temple in the evening that makes the stones shine like gold.

  2. Wat Pho
    Wat Pho is next to the Grand Palace that is famous for reclining Buddha. Take a tuk-tuk from the Grand Palace to visit this temple. Due to strict security, you need to wear full and appropriate clothes.

    The Buddha is about 160 feet long and the temple is filled with colourful Jedi’s all around.

  3. Grand Palace
    This is filled with a rich ancient culture of Bangkok. The structures and temples surrounding makes it a beautiful place just like the glitters in the morning sun and is quite popular among the tourists.

To enjoy your holidays in Thailand, visit Bangkok and Pattaya. Makemytrip offers the cheapest Bangkok Pattaya tour package from India. It provides more than 15 packages to Pattaya starting from INR 8000. Explore the itinerary and choose one of the best tour packages to Bangkok based on your desire and budget.

Thailand tour packages are designed by a theme to help you find your type of holiday. If you are planning a honeymoon or a romantic trip with your spouse or if you are looking for the lowest price tour package to Bangkok for an adventurous trip with your friends, offers the best solution.

If you are planning a trip to Bangkok and Pattaya and are looking for cheapest tour packages, explore below options

Magical Pattaya & Bangkok – Super Saver Packages 5 Nights 6 Days

This package includes Pattaya (3N) and Bangkok (2N) where you can enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. Pattaya showcases the marine life where you will see long tunnels, spot stingrays, jellyfish and sharks.

Also, visit the coral island near to the beach town of Pattaya. This can be travelled through speed boat and in between get a chance to do water sports. This includes- parasailing, underwater diving, etc.

This would cost around INR 28,800 per person excluding airfare.

A Short trip to Pattaya & Bangkok(Budget Special) Packages 4 Nights 5 Days

This is the cheapest Bangkok Pattaya tour package that includes 2 nights in Pattaya and 2 nights in Bangkok. You will get to explore the museums, watch dance shows and beautiful Pattaya beaches. Also, learn about Thailand religion and culture while visiting famous temples in Bangkok.

Visit Chinatown for souvenir shopping, eat a variety of foods and know more about Thailand. The cost of this package is INR 9200 per person excluding airfare

Pattaya & Bangkok – Guided Holiday 5 N Packages 5 Nights 6 Days

This is one of the cheapest Bangkok tour packages for a couple for 3 nights in Pattaya and 2 nights in Bangkok. Relax on the beautiful beaches of coral island and Pattaya.

If you looking for Thailand trip at low cost for a couple? read this article

Enjoy the romantic delicious food and shop a lot at reasonable prices with your partner. This package would cost around INR 29,800 per person.

Pattaya super saver packages – 4 Nights 5 Days

If you plan to explore only the exotic land of Pattaya, then go for this super save pack of 4 nights. You can go to the coral island in Pattaya and feel the sea breeze while walking on the soft sands.

To experience the aquatic life, go for underwater diving. Enjoy the swimming, walk through the tunnels and have delicious meals throughout. This package would be for INR 22,200 per person excluding airfare.

To get the best tour packages to Bangkok, visit makemytrip. They offer the best deals and modified packages that fit into your budget. Whether you want a romantic holiday, family trip, adventure holiday or an all-inclusive one, will customize your trip to your needs in a simple and affordable way.

Find the perfect and cheapest Bangkok tour package with airfare and hotels at Makemytrip. Book your holiday with them today and make a memorable travel story with your loved ones