How to Make a Milkshake in the summer

You Need to Try latest milkshake recipe in summer
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Summer is round the corner and kids at home due to lockdown crave for chilled yummy delights. Here are a delicious and easy drinks to make them go bonkers with joys. Try this epic recipe and blast summer.

while we’re at in summer, let us just address the fact that it’s not getting any cooler for the next few months so milkshakes are our solace. Honestly, it’s only fair that a single drink that is so rich in nutrients, taste and versatility has an entire day dedicated to it. And to make today that much more special and delicious. Milkshakes are a great way of cooling down the body, quenching your thirst, and soaking in all the goodness of milk!

Milkshake is a word that refers to a type of sweet, thick drink made with milk, ice cream and other ingredients blended together. milkshakes you can drink and eat them. Slurp away with nothing but happiness!

  1. Oreo milkshake: (for 350 ml)


  •  140 gm milk.
    • You can use any milk (almond, coconut, soymilk).
    • But for a perfect milkshake use low fat milk or tetra pack.
    • For an ultra-rich shake, use whole milk or milk with a little half-              and-half cream. But never use heavy cream.
  •  150 gm ice cream (if u use single vanilla)
    • Vanilla makes a good base for most shakes, or you can use a flavour like chocolate.
    • Or you can use both vanilla and chocolate as well.
    • For mix ice-cream 100gm vanilla or 50gm chocolate
  • 10 gm Chocolate syrup
    • Think a swirl of chocolate syrup, peanut butter, a chopped banana or other fruit, a handful of chocolate or butterscotch chips (we could go on and on…)
  • 5 Oreo biscuit without cream (separate the cream)

How to Make a Milkshake in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Add the Milk, Ice Cream and Mix-Ins

Send your ingredients straight to the blender. For best results, put milk first. That will get the blender mixing quickly. Be sure to let your ice cream soften before scooping. If it’s too hard, it can’t dissolve in milk, might get lump and which thins the shake. after that add Oreo biscuit, and blend again on slow speed

Step 2: Blend ’til smooth

It’s time to blend away. You’ll want to keep an eye on the consistency. This recipe creates a chocolaty -style shake: not too firm and not too soft. Of course, you can always customize it either way. Use less milk for a thicker, spoon able shake; more for a thinner, sippable one.

Step 3: Pour and Enjoy!

Pour your milkshake into a chilled glass to serve. It tastes great straight-up or topped with a tower of whipped cream. Feeling fancy? Layer on toppings like chocolate syrup, sugary cereal or rainbow sprinkles.

How to Make a Milkshake in the summer

A milkshake is best served very cold, in a large glass with a long, wide straw.

Get more milkshake recipes in your life. by changing just one ingredient and get a new flavour Which you like a lot.

2. KitKat Milkshake

Love KitKat? Love milkshake? Let’s mash ‘em up! The KitKat milkshake is the ultimate dessert queen when it comes to desert mash-ups. Quite a delectable invention, we are loving how the flavours fuse so well together. All you need is milk, KitKat (2 piece KitKat) and some ice cream. Whatever you like vanilla or chocolate. Blend them together and serve with some KitKat on top for some crunchy happiness!

3. Brownie Milkshake

Resembling chocolate slab of brownie has been a huge part of our childhood. Nothing brings out our inner child better than brownie! This milkshake is super sweet and spongy, you can have it in the form of a milkshake easy to make at home. with the ice cream and some milk and brownie (1 big piece). Serve it with the fluffy treat on top for some added happiness and take a sweet stroll down memory lane.

4. Ferrero Rocher Milkshake

This luxurious chocolate milkshake is everything you’d want after a long day. It is rich and indulgent, almost like a dessert! All you need is some milk, cocoa powder (1 tbsp) and Chocolate ice cream, 1tbsp fresh cream (optional) and Ferrero Rocher (3 piece) to get a thick, decadent treat. The humble fresh cream has a creamy texture that gives the milkshake a refreshing twist. It will have you gleaming with happiness, just like an intense chocolate flavour. Satisfy your inner child by topping it off with some chocolate sprinkles and an extra scoop of ice cream!

Classic milkshake flavours include vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but there are hundreds of ways to prepare a milkshake that may appeal to more adventurous eaters. Sweetened dry cereal, toasted coconut or marshmallow, biscuit or cake pieces, fresh fruit, peanut butter and spices like cinnamon and cloves can all be added to create unique milkshake flavours. There are even savoury milkshakes made with ingredients like olive oil, ground sesame seeds or sea salt.

I love good milkshakes.

 Ohh freakkk!!! I have shared this amazing milk shake recipes If you have a sweet tooth you should definitely try this !!
The dense and chewy chocolate milkshakes is just so mouth-watering accompanied by sweet and satisfying whipped cream and the chocolate sauce is just spell bound to explain !!!
Plus the shake being thick, soft and icy is completely perfect !!

Shake-it off. … Must try 

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