How long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up?

How long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up

Being in love and getting the chance to share the feeling with someone is a beautiful journey. But unlike in movies, not every relationship lasts forever. Often relationship reaches their end course, resulting in the breakup between the couple.

Breakup and heartbreaks are always painful. The breakup is hard on both individuals, but often, it’s more painful for one as compared to others. After a breakup, the thoughts usually among the girl’s head are what could have been done differently to save the relationship.

They wonder if the guy will come around and agree to give another chance to this relationship. If yes, then the next question in their mind is-

How long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up?

This is a natural response as while they miss the person in their life, they will only want him back when he is ready for the relationship. If the guy still doesn’t regret his mistakes in the relationship, then it’s quite probable he will make them again if given a chance.

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There is no definite time when a guy will regret after breaking up. It could take a day, weeks or probably even a year. The amount of time taken is directly proportional to the length and strength of the relationship as well as on the reason of breakup.

Most of men pretend that breakup hasn’t affected them and enjoys being a single life. They would dwell themselves into social media and put up the pictures of parties and a ‘perfect life’. After some time, they will get the feeling of loneliness and emptiness in life.

If they don’t have a strong support system, then it’s quite common for them to cut off ties with all near & dear ones and go silent. Usually, at this juncture of introspection, they feel if they took the right decision by breaking up.

Often, guys won’t let you show the feeling of remorse after breaking up. If you have spent enough time with them, then you might observe clues and signs that showcase their sorrow on breakup and desire for reunion.

how long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up with a girl

Some of the signs that show that the guy is regretting breakup with the girl and might give an indication as to how long does it take for him to approach her again

5 Sign guy to regret breaking up with a girl

  1. Get quieter than usual
    A guy becomes quiet after a breakup and reduces conversation with the people around him. He portrays having a good time even if he is suffering from inside.

    Guys are good in suppressing their feelings and on close observation; you might not find them smiling enough. They will make excuses to interact with others and would spend most of their time sleeping on the bed. The regret of breaking up with a girl stops them from enjoying.

  2. Check on you more than usual
    After a break up also, he will be worried for you and will call or message you. At the early stages, he would ask your whereabouts from the mutual friends. This might create confusion in your mind as his concern for you will be contradicting to the reasons for a breakup.

    This shows that he is regretting breaking up with you and wants to check how you are coping up.

  3. Pretends to be happy
    He would try to pretend that he is happy being single and post on the social media about his new life. He will smile at you and talk as if nothing has happened.

    You might see him happy for a while but it would be a fake. He may talk about the break up for a few seconds and eventually change the topic. A guy is regretting after breaking up.

  4. Apologizes with you
    If a guy genuinely feels sorry for breaking up with you, then he would try to open to you to share his feelings and would apologize for breaking your heart as well.

    Some men might take more time compared to others for breaking your heart, but sooner or later, they will come around. They will ask for forgiveness and regret things not working out between you and him.

  5. Will want to get back to you
    A guy who regrets after breaking up with a girl eventually feels sorry for his actions and will try to get her back in his life.

    The answer to how long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up with a girl is dependent on individuals, length and strength of the relationship.

how long does it take for an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to miss you with no contact.

Often, people who initiate break up eventually regrets their decision and wonder if they could have done things differently. Feelings do not fade after the break up also. They regret as they still have feelings for the girl and missing having her in their life.

Regret after a breakup is one of the most painful feelings. How long does it take a man to realise what he lost? Many times it gets too late to realize what you have lost and by the time realisation happens, it is not possible to undo the mistake.

Women spend a lot of effort, to ensure relationship succeeds. They are honest and real with their partner but unfortunately, men don’t appreciate them enough. Men spend a lot of time being self-centred and do not realize their worth.

As said, you do not understand the importance of what you have until you lose it. Even if one has lost it, it sometimes takes quite a bit of time to realize its importance as well.

how long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up with a girl

Few signs that show a man realizing what he has lost and how long it might take him to approach her again-

  1. He realizes how rare she was
    You meet a woman once in life who is beautiful and charismatic. Her magnetism would captivate you and intelligence would inspire you. She would be a diamond in your life that you don’t admire enough.

    Once a man loses such a beautiful soul, they try to find the same in another woman as well, but none matches the charisma of what they experienced earlier. This makes them realize the connection they had with their ex.

  2. He realizes how materialistic other people are
    People understand the importance of someone in their life when they have lost that person and cannot find anyone to replace them. While a breakup might have happened over money issues, quite often the guy realizes that Money was never the issue in the relationship.

    While his relationship with other people is dependent on the amount of money he is earning, he realizes quite later that she was never with him for the money and loved him genuinely.

  3. Her love was pure
    Every woman looks for a long-term commitment in a relationship and falls for the personality. She never wants the guy to be perfect, just want them to be what they are.

    Her love was pure because she loved the guy for what they were. It is not easy to replace someone in life who loved him so truly and dearly.

  4. No one listen to you
    Establishing a deep connection doesn’t happen overnight with anyone. It takes time and men are not so prone to sharing their feelings. They open when they find the right woman.

    When do guys realize what they lost? They realize that when they don’t have anyone to talk to and to share their feelings post break up. They feel lonely and miss the women who were always there for them to share their happiness and troubles.

  5. She appreciated him
    She would love him despite his flaws. Her love is unconditional and would support the guy at every step. She was there for him when he was in troubles or needed a shoulder to cry on. She always appreciated because he was her priority.

    After losing her, the guy realizes that her love was pure, true and genuine. They have not only lost love but also their best friend. They miss the feeling of being special when there is no one to care for them like her.

How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact

For a healthy relationship, give her the attention she deserves and treat her well. The answer to how long it takes a man to realise what he lost is dependent on the length of the journey guy takes to learn the lessons required to develop emotional maturity as well as understand that the girl was the love of her life.

To get back into the relationship, a man should respect the woman rather than being selfish. He should understand that relationship is all about mutual love, care, respect and attention.

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