How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact?

how long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact

How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact?

Sooner or later everyone starts missing their ex after a breakup. Whether the breakup was mutual or messy, they start missing the small things their ex used to do for them. Being single and alone gives the feeling of emptiness inside and people ponder if they took the right decision by breaking up.

Amid all these emotions, one wonders whether to follow the “no contact” rule seriously. No contact rule refers to how long a person should wait after a breakup before contacting their ex.

This rule is designed to give space and time to individuals, required to heal from the heartbreak. The alone times quite often help the individuals in getting perspective on the relationship and increases the chances of getting back with their ex.

how long does it take for an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to miss you with no contact.

Few guidelines of No contact rules are-

  1. No emailing
  2. No calling
  3. No bumping into each other purposely
  4. No texting or letters

With no interaction with their ex, it is quite common for people to question-

How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact?

The situation is not the same as with everyone- what works for you might not work for others. It is difficult to find consensus among people on deciding on the time frame of not staying in contact.

The time to not stay in contact is dependent on the individuals and it is generally from 3 to 8 weeks. As per research, no contact rule works the best within almost 4 weeks. Giving yourself at least a break of 1 month from your ex works for the betterment of the relationship.

Studies have shown that the break taken ending relationship helps to decompress and gain insights on the relationship as well as helping you to get your life back on track.

How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact

How long does it take for an ex-boyfriend to miss you with no contact

if the relationship was long (i.e. 2 years & more) and serious? While no contact rule has shown promising results in 4 weeks, if the relationship was long, it might take more than 4 weeks for an ex-boyfriend to miss you.

A longer time of no contact gives the chance to the person of living life without you. They will try to explore different aspects of life and compare their current life without you to the life they lived when they were with you.

This comparison and contrast might make them miss you and make them curious to see what you are doing with your life and if you are missing him as well.

During the no contact time, it is better to do something of your interest rather waiting for him to call you. This will help you value your life more and if you got back together with your ex, you will be an evolved and matured person then.

While you want your ex to call you back soon, it is sometimes good that you broke up with them in 1st place. Some of the guys will start missing you as soon as they are dumped, which isn’t good for you in the long term.

3 types of dumpers miss you quickly as well-

  1. Depressed guys
    These kinds of guys are not happy with the relationship, yet they come back within a week or 2 after a breakup. When they find the relationship is not making them happy internally, they leave again. They will stay away till when they not start missing their ex again.

  2. Indecisive guys
    These kinds of guys like their ex but are scared of the commitment. They don’t know what they want in life. Rather than working on the relationship, they keep looking for the right person.

  3. Insecure guys
    These types of guys start missing their ex when they feel jealous or insecure. They are afraid that someone else will take their place in the ex-life. Such kind of relationships doesn’t last for long due to the lack of a healthy romantic relationship.

Often, guys start missing their ex long after their ex-stops missing them. The guys who don’t initiate contact after a month or 2 needs more time to miss you.

Some of the reasons for taking a long time can be-

  • Fails at dating other women
  • Bad emotional or physical health
  • Loss of friend or family member
  • Financial issues
  • Job loss
  • Anything that has hurt them emotionally

Guys start missing when they go through the unbearable pain and suffering. During this, they will think more of ex and would want to contact them, to soothe their anxiety and feeling of loneliness.

second chance with your ex

Now, how long does it take for an ex-girlfriend to miss you with no contact? 4 weeks could be a good start for healing and feeling better. Usually, girls go for their hobbies, exercise, self-care, hang out with friends and do things what they like.

Many times, the relationship didn’t allow girls to pursue activities they liked. Once freed from the bond, they pour their time and energy to do things which they wanted for a long time.

Guys should put their focus on self-healing through exercise, self-care, hanging out with friends, etc. During no contact, never send a message or call your ex. Giving yourself enough time for getting better, moving on and healing from the heartbreak, will give her time to think further about you and this relationship.

Girls don’t like insecure or needy guys. So during this time away, If you don’t come across as needy, that will make a positive impression on your ex and will make her miss you more.

How long your ex would need to miss you again completely depends on who they are and the situation.

Find out how long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact through some points-

  • Their experience with relationships and breakups
    No contact rule would be unfamiliar if an ex does not have been into a serious relationship before and this is the first time. These people don’t know what to expect of post-breakup relationship and find even difficult to cope up.

    They will miss you every single day after break up, will deal with it on their own and try to make peace with the truth.

  • Ability to find a new lover
    There are some kinds of people who can recover from the breakup quickly. They will get into a new relationship soon after the breakup.

    These types of people say yes to everything that comes after a breakup. They would indulge themselves by hanging out with friends, logging for a dating site or going for a matchmaking event. With this, they might never miss their ex also.

  • A relationship and breakup expert
    Even if a person has experience of relationship and breakup, it will still be difficult to predict how long does it take for an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to miss you with no contact.

    While everyone misses their ex eventually, it will be difficult to set a timeline for people experienced in breakups

    These types of people are usually happy with no contact rule because they will not have to deal with a clinging ex.

  • Their feeling towards you
    The time your ex would need to miss you depend on how strong the feeling was while you were dating. When the breakup is not mutual, the bag of emotions is very heavy.

    Even If you treat each other right and respectfully and broke up on good terms, it is still possible to miss each other every single day. On the other hand, an unwanted breakup would destroy the feeling and be in a no-contact will make matters worse.

For some guys, it might take as long as 8 weeks to start missing you. Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? the probable reason for that is he felt choked in the relationship.

If such kind of behavior is shown by him after pulling away, then take signals and rather than pushing harder, give him space. Stop pestering him and show respect for his feelings and desires.

You can do a few more things. Be aware of your value and choose a partner based on that. Don’t revolve your world around his needs and try to fulfill yours.

In some cases, guys do reach out after 8 weeks to see how you are doing. If they don’t, then wait for a few more days rather than taking an initiative of calling or messaging him.

Remember, even if you get him, it is not easy to keep him unless he feels the same about you at that juncture. Healing yourself is more important than anything else. If responding to your ex makes it harder to move on, then break all contacts and start a new life.

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