Does Kombucha make you poop in case of constipation?

Does Kombucha make you poop

Does Kombucha make you poop?

30% of the world population experiences constipation regularly. This could be due to some chronic condition, medication or inappropriate eating habits. While constipation can be observed in all age groups and genders, it gets severe as one gets older. Every 2nd person over 80 years of age is suffering from some form of constipation.

Are you or someone you know also struggling to have a regular bowel movement? Have you wondered if there is any solution to this problem being faced by millions of people every year? If the answers of the above questions are yes, then you should put shift focus on the question- Does Kombucha makes you poop?

Kombucha could be the one-stop solution for your issues on poop, pee, fart or losing weight. This is a fermented tea that has been consumed for many years. It contains antioxidants that kill harmful bacteria and help in fighting diseases. It is also rich in probiotics which is beneficial for our body.

Probiotics are the bacteria found naturally in the gastrointestinal tract that helps in regularising the bowel movement. The tea doesn’t cure constipation but helps in maintaining the level of probiotics in the body, which in turns help in pooping regularly at ease.

Kombucha is a combination of bacteria and yeast. The balance between these two ingredients makes it special and healthy. Yeast is the source of food for bacteria and helps in its growth. Additionally, bacteria produce healthy acids that make the tea taste better.


If you are you worried about the question “does Kombucha makes you fart”, then you can stop stressing about it. Kombucha helps you with constipation rather than making you fart. The bacteria in Kombucha release the essential enzymes that help in digestion and bowel movement. If these bacteria are not in the appropriate level in the body, then it can lead bloating, constipation or farting.

Kombucha helps in reducing the severity of constipation, eases the farting problem and helps you in living a normal happy for a long period.

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Why there is a need to have Kombucha in our diet today-

  • Improper diet
    Today, the diet is full of sugar, carbs and fats. Unbalanced diet affects the digestion process as it deprives the body of various gut bacteria.

    Once your body gets accustomed to this kind diet, it leads to constipation and other health issues. Thus, it is advisable to eat a good amount of vegetables and fruits while taking dietary supplements like Kombucha for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Dehydration
    Drinking fluids is very important to poop regularly as dehydration is one of the main reasons for constipation. Water helps in the smooth movement of food from the intestine and regulates bowel movement.

    Fewer intakes of fluids will make the large intestine take water from food waste and affect bowel movement. If your question is that does Kombucha make you poop regularly, then the answer is yes as it hydrates the body and helps regulate the bowel movement.
  • Antibiotics
    Taking antibiotics for a longer period can harm a healthy gut. Good and bad bacteria get killed due to swallowing antibiotics. This makes it difficult for you to poop regularly.

    It is recommended intake fermented foods such as yogurt and Kombucha to support the bowel movement.

Benefits of drinking Kombucha-

  1. Helps with weight loss
    If you are wondering “Does Kombucha make you lose weight”, then the answer is yes. Kombucha contains 30 calories per cup. Once you get used to drinking it regularly, you can replace the high calories fruit juices and carbonated beverages from your diet and drink Kombucha every day for a healthy body.

    Kombucha contains acetic acid that improves metabolism and reduces fat accumulation. It promotes weight loss and encourages a calorie-reduced diet.

  2. Helps you pee regularly
    Unhealthy food and lack of water in our diet affect people in peeing regularly as well. Busy with work, quite often people spend hours without sipping any healthy liquid drink. Not peeing regularly can adversely affect the body and leads to other health issues.

    Drinking Kombucha increases the number of times you urinate in a day, inadvertently answering your question “Does Kombucha make you pee”. Thus, it is recommended to slowly and steadily increase the amount of Kombucha consumption, for your body to get habituated with increased trips to washroom for urination.

  3. Detoxes the body
    Toxins enter into the body through air, water, food and other external sources. These are produced as a natural by-product and not recommended for a healthy diet. The toxins need to be flushed out from the body for proper functioning.

    Drink a glass of Kombucha every day works as a great detoxifier. Kombucha contains gluconic acid and glucuronic acid that binds toxins inside the liver and helps in flushing out from kidneys. Your regular trips to the washroom will detoxify and cleanse the body.

  4. Boosts the immune system
    Kombucha contains glucuronic acid and other antioxidants that boost the immune system. It rebalances the healthy gut bacteria that can have a chain reaction throughout the body.

    With the help of gut bacteria, the immune cells can differentiate between an outside substance and the body’s tissues. The cells can understand what is good and what needs to be removed from the body.

  5. Helps in treating arthritis
    Today, many people complain of arthritis pain as they grow old. Kombucha can be a great source of healing, repairing and preventing joint pain specifically the knees for people of all age group.

    Kombucha contains glucosamine vitamin that helps to conserve the collagen and thus, prevent arthritis pain.

    Various kind of tea contains certain enzymes that can help in repairing the muscle tissue. If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, drinking Kombucha regularly can help you overcome that.

  6. Can treat gastric ulcers
    Kombucha contains antioxidants and phenols that protect the mucin content in the stomach. This stops the secretion of gastric acid and heals the gastric ulcers in the intestine; which wouldn’t have been healed by the popular drug such as Omeprazole.

    It is recommended to drink a glass of Kombucha every day to prevent gastric ulcers. This will help in balancing out the body and prevents acid reflux.

  7. Lowers the high blood pressure
    Kombucha is a natural drink with no added sugar or preservatives. Regular usage of the drink further helps in treating headaches and hypertension caused due to high blood pressure.

    Kombucha is a diuretic that will make you poop and pee regularly in the day. This will remove the salts from the body that will eventually reduce the high blood pressure. Drinking a glass of Kombucha every day also helps in controlling diabetes in the body.

make a poop

Does homemade Kombucha make you pee, poop, fart or lose weight regularly and is as effective as the one sold in the market? Yes, it is.

Kombucha can be made easily at home and can be as effective as the product sold in stores. You need to buy a starter kit i.e. a mushroom-like thing known as SCOBY for it. To ferment the tea, you need to brew a part of sweet tea by mixing it in a glass container. Within a few weeks, your Kombucha tea will be ready.

Mushroom looking bacteria starts reproducing and grow more after certain weeks. This will create a lot of SCOBY’s and help you in brewing your Kombucha.

You can even add different flavours into the tea as per your taste. You just need to spend on starter kit, black tea, sugar and glass containers.

Usually, a glass of Kombucha costs $5 which you can save by making it at home. It is advisable to spend initially on buying things to make Kombucha at home and then produce quantity based on your need. It will also give you the freedom of adding the fruits and flavours of your choice.

You can drink homemade Kombucha as many times in a day to help you with your poop, pee and weight loss problem. If you decide to make Kombucha at home, always ensure it is made properly. Contaminated Kombucha can cause more harm than good.

As per study and research, Kombucha offers a solution in treating various chronic health problems and continuous usage over time leads to a happy healthy lifestyle. With the fast-paced life, Kombucha acts as an elixir for the millennial generation and helps them fulfilling their passion and potential by providing a healthy body.

If you are suffering from constipation or other stomach related issues, start taking Kombucha in your daily diet and see the effect it has on your body and life.

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