Does collagen make you poop and help in losing weight?


Collagen is an abundant protein in the body that provides structure to the body including bones, skin, tendons and ligaments. It is also found in other body parts i.e. blood vessels, corneas and teeth.

Does collagen make you poop?

Does collagen make you poop is one of the major concerns among the fitness enthusiasts?

Yes, collagen does make you poop. It contains 3 essential amino acids that decrease constipation and helps with the leaky gut syndrome and also reduce diarrhoea.

The 3 amino acids are Glycine, Glutamine and Proline. These works together to strengthen the gut lining, stop bacteria and food particles from going out through the gut lining. The absence of these amino acids might cause inflammation and other health-related problems.

Collagen has become an important nutritional supplement in our daily diet. The supplement goes through the hydrolyzation process and makes it easy for the body to absorb and use it. Collagen supplements are available in the form of tablets, capsules and powders that can be bought from medical shops as well as online.

In today’s time, there is an increasing trend of curiosity and awareness among people for collagen powder. It not only helps in losing weight, reducing joint pain, improving skin but benefits overall health as well. Collagen powder can be easily added to the food you eat or beverages you drink. You can mix it with Smoothies, soups or baked foods without affecting the texture.

Does collagen powder make you poop? Yes, certainly it does when you feel constipated and poop less than 3 times a week and feel blocked during 20% of the poops. Constipation occurs due to the imbalance of gut bacteria that is caused by a poor diet. To poop properly, keep yourself away from high fat, sugar and low fiber diet.

does collagen make you lose weight

The collagen protein holds the body together that is why it named after the Greek word ‘kolla’ meaning ‘glue’. 

Collagen can be found in every part of the body -from hair to toenails. It keeps the metabolism high that helps in burning fat. As you age, the collagen levels naturally reduce in the body leading to a reduction in metabolic rate as well. Your body weight increases, your skin gets saggy and your joints start aching.

Does collagen make you gain weight is the concern for most of the people? This is a myth. Collagen supplements help in building lean muscles as well as nourish and maintain them. It helps in burning calories and expedites metabolism. This promotes weight maintenance rather than gain.

For some people, losing weight is very hard and keeping it under control is even harder. Does collagen make you lose weight? Yes, it certainly does and also helps in dealing with the side effects of weight loss.

Collagen ensures that the body stays strong and the integrity of the skin is maintained even after shedding a few kilos.


Benefits of collagen powder in losing weight, maintaining a lean body and looking good-

  1. Provides fullness unlike other proteins
    Collagen protein peptides are more satiating than other types of protein. It gives 40% fullness as compared to whey, casein or soy that gives 20% fullness only.

    Collagen does not contain any sweeteners and helps you stay full and satisfied. If a person feels full for a longer time, they tend to consume less in the next meal. There will be less consumption of energy that would promote weight loss.

  2. Help in suppressing appetite
    An intake of hydrolysed collagen by the obese and diabetic people releases the satiating hormones into the blood. With the consumption of collagen, the appetite reduces among such people that decrease the overall food intake.

    Suppressing hunger hormones does not directly help in losing weight. It would decrease your cravings because you won’t desire to eat much.  
    Does collagen make you lose weight? Obese and diabetic people can lose weight by eating less because the collagen protein reduces appetite.

  3. Retains the muscle mass
    With age, the body loses muscle mass and replace it with fat. This loss of muscle correlates with excess excretion of nitrogen in urine and increases the needs of dietary proteins.

    Collagen supplements maintain the lean body mass and preserve nitrogen balance in aging individuals. The body will burn calories faster and loses weight with the help of high muscle mass.

  4. Improves skin health
    70% component of skin is collagen that strengthens it by providing elasticity and hydration. The body produces less collagen with age that makes the skin dry and wrinkle-prone.

    Cellulite is visible when the skin stretches, thins and sags. Collagen slows the aging of the skin and hides the cellulite by reducing wrinkles and dryness.

    Intake of collagen powder also promotes the production of other proteins that helps with the structure of skin including elastin and fibrillin.

  5. Positively impacts the weight loss
    To maintain a lean body and support weight loss, it is important to consume an appropriate amount of protein. A protein-rich diet reduces the overall energy consumption and makes you feel full for long.

    People lose weight quickly when they consume a good amount of protein and less glycaemic foods. Collagen can make you maintain and lose weight as it is rich in protein and keeps satiated.

  6. Relieve the joint pain
    Collagen helps in maintaining the integrity of the cartilage- a rubber-like tissue that protects the joints. The risk of degenerative joint disorders such as osteoarthritis is high due to the decrease of collagen in the body.

    Intake of collagen supplements is recommended as it reduces the chances of osteoarthritis as well as diminishes the overall joint pain.

    The supplements accumulate the collagen in cartilage and stimulate the tissues. This will lower inflammation, support the joints and reduces the pain. To see the effects of collagen in the reduction of joint pain, start with 8-12gms of the nutrients every day and steadily increases the quantity as you start feeling better.

While collagen has many benefits, there are certain side effects as well which one should be aware of-

It is advisable taking collagen under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Before starting or increasing the intake of existing supplements, always consult with your doctor.

Some of the side effects are-

  • Diarrhoea
  • A feeling of heaviness in the stomach
  • Allergic or rashes

The above effects are only mild and might not occur to every individual as well. If feeling any of the above effects, it is recommended to check with your doctor.

Adding collagen in the daily routine is very simple and easy. There is a wide range of collagen products available in the market in many forms. One can consume collagen in any of the forms as per their preference and conveyance.

Collagen is found in the connective tissues of animals. The good sources of food collagen include- chicken skin, pork skin, beef and fish. Foods rich in gelatin that contain bone broth also provide collagen. Gelatin is the cooked collagen which is high in amino acids.

One of the burning questions among people is whether consuming collagen-rich foods increase the collagen levels in the body? The answer to that question is no.

Reason for that is- Intake of protein breaks down into amino acids and then reassembles, so the collagen you eat doesn’t translate directly into higher levels in the body.

Most of the collagen supplements are not vegan or vegetarian friendly. It is produced with the use of animals’ bones and proteins. Still, some vegan and vegetarian collagen options are available in the market that can be used while following a keto diet plan.

The collagen creation process in the body also requires an adequate amount of copper, vitamin C and zinc in the body.

does collagen make you lose weight

  • To get copper in the body – Eat organ foods such as the liver and other types- nuts, seeds, oysters and dark chocolate and green leafy vegetables.
  • To get vitamin C – Eat fruits such as kiwi, guava, oranges and strawberries and red or green hot chilli peppers.
  • To get zinc in the body – Eat meat which is an excellent source of zinc. For vegans and vegetarians, consume seeds, nuts and whole-grains.

Collagen provides several health benefits and fewer risks. It improves skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness. It increases the muscle mass, prevents bone loss and relieves the joint pain.

Collagen is an important protein of the body that provides structure to every part. To get the protein, consume collagen-containing foods and nutrients.

Collagen supplements are safe, easy to use and help in overall growth. Consult your doctor today before taking collagen supplements in your diet.

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