Diet tips for losing weight and its maintenance

Diet tips for losing weight and its maintenance

Losing weight is a difficult task. If after a lot of efforts you were able to shed some kilos, then maintaining that weight is a more challenging task. As per the research, only 20% of people can maintain the weight loss.  With this COVID-19 situation, people are finding it quite difficult to manage their weight.

Quite often, once you have successfully lost weight, it becomes difficult to maintain. Due to this pandemic, most of you are staying at home and eating all the time without any physical activity, leading to an increase in inches of waist size.

In this time, it is important to move towards a healthy lifestyle. Leading a lifestyle of no physical activity and unhealthy food might not only increase your weight but can cause other ailments as well. During this lockdown phase, it is important to keep a tab on your eating habits and follow the exercise patterns that you have been doing from past many months.

Tips for losing and maintaining the weight-

  • Cut down the calories intake

As soon as you lower the calories intake, you would see fall in your weight within weeks. After some time, if you intake the same number of calories, you may or not at all lose inches also. This is because initially, you lose water and fat from the body, metabolism slows down and body changes in other ways. To maintain or lose weight, cut down on calories slowly rather than abruptly.

  • Stay connected with the sources

The people who helped you in the weight loss i.e. gym, yoga, trainers; it is important to stay in touch with them virtually as well. They acknowledge the achievement of your goal and keep reminding if you lose the track. Communicate with them regularly and request them to guide you when needed.

  • Don’t skip the breakfast

As per the research, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who eat it on time can keep themselves fit and active. Although, it is not a magic meal but eating it balances the overall calorie throughout the day. Breakfast sets the base for the rest of the day. It must be comprised of whole grains and source of proteins.

  • Limit your time on-screen

It is common for people to eat junk food while binge-watching on their phone, tablet or television. This leads to gaining unhealthy calories and override all the efforts you did. Rather than spending the entire day in front of the screen, limit the amount of time in the day. To keep weight under control, spend time in something productive. This will keep you occupied and won’t lead to overeating.

  • Control emotional eating

Many times people don’t eat just for satisfying the hunger. Sometimes, they eat due to stress or anxiousness that leads to an increase in weight. When in stress, try yoga, meditation or soak in a hot bath rather than drooling on food. When feeling alone or bored, go for a walk, meet your friends or read something instead of reaching out for the refrigerator. Find out the emotional eating reasons that will help you in maintaining your weight. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy body, a sustainable change in lifestyle is required. To have a healthy lifestyle, consume a balanced diet instead of eating junk and fatty foods.

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