Aphrodisiac Foods That Can increase Your Sex Ride

Aphrodisiac Foods
Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiacs for Men Could Really Boost Your Libido

Here’s real science behind the old-wives-tales about aphrodisiac foods like chocolate, Maca, and oysters. Some foods and supplements support love to drive and increased libido. Cunliffe, who’s paid most of his career in the research space though he does see some lucky customers, says there’s data back the old-school classics as well as some appendices, teas, and herbs to support us get our fancy on. The one wonder that shouldn’t have been so shocking: Adaptogens like ashwagandha—and anything that decreases stress—usually also have effects between the sheets.

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Below, he renews us on aphrodisiacs’ science and history and provides us a list of what he thinks are the greatest ones—to cook and to use for Valentine’s Day and ahead.

Sex, and how to make it more enjoyable, has long been a subject of research — and a much-needed one: 43% of ladies and 31% of men report having erectile dysfunction. From early fertility gods to modern erectile dysfunction medications like Fildena, we’ve tackled every so-called wonder cure in the race of fabulous sex.

Natural Aphrodisiacs to Round up the Heat in bed 


Romantic lover Casanova probably hit 50 oysters a day to boost his virility and intimate stamina. Why? Because they carry zinc, which is necessary for testosterone creation. They also carry certain amino acids and serotonin, two parts connected to feeling pleasure. However, research has broken to connect the mollusks with really enhancing sensual drive.

Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha)

Ashwagandha, which is sometimes called Indian ginseng, has been clinically proved to improve the amount and health of sperm. Still, it’s also great for decreasing stress, which can be at the source of all classes of fertility and conception difficulties. Ashwagandha is powerful, so I suggest taking it as required, mainly because it’s lightly relaxing and can start to lose its effectiveness if you take it all the time. 

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Another note: Ashwagandha should not be taken through any pregnancy period, as its protection for pregnant women has not been verified.


Even the ancient Aztecs believed chocolate heightened potency — an approach probably shared by amounts of Russell Stover’s-bearing men on Valentine’s Day. Cacao does carry components connected to improved serotonin creation, which was supposed to boost libido.

Heartbreakingly, though, the experts found no proof to support this claim. When they connected chocolate consumers and non-consumers, there was no distinction. But don’t drive out your chocolate sticks yet: There is finally evidence that it has other advantages, from improving heart health to increasing memory.

Horny Goat Weed: 

Horny goat weed is thought an old trusted amongst herbal aphrodisiacs; it was reputedly granted its name by Chinese goat herders who saw their flocks’ intimate behavior improved when eating in fields of it. Horny Goat Weed includes a mixture called Icariin, which has been given to have Viagra-like activity and support stronger, longer-lasting erections. Icariin is a PDE inhibitor, so in men, it holds the blood is flowing more efficiently in the proper place by opening up the blood veins. Be careful to quit taking it before the operation, as it keeps blood flow thin. Horny goat weed is seen in most different herbal aphrodisiacs; you’ll usually find it in a capsule combined with other powerful herbs.


This supplement is derived from French maritime pine trees’ bark, and it’s both an efficient natural aphrodisiac and pregnancy enhancer for men and women. Pycnogenol, is clinically confirmed to heal erectile dysfunction and improve sperm motility or ability to swim fast and powerful enough to grasp the egg and has strong aphrodisiac properties in women.

It’s beneficial when combined with arginine, an amino acid primarily used for heart health. Take Vidalista 60 or tadalista with a pre-made mix be taken regularly for increased intimate activity. There’s a lot of clinical proof proving that they work.


For ages, honey has been assigned to adding romance into marriages. The term “honeymoon” is rumored to have arisen in 16th century England with the newlywed folklore of drinking mead, made from fermented honey, for a month after their pledges. Sadly, no reliable investigations prove its aphrodisiac effectiveness. And researchers caution against trying “mad honey,” a product made in Turkey that deserves to be a sexual energizer. Made from a special type of nectar, it contains poisons that can lead to heart difficulties.


Cut or bite into a pomegranate, and it’s sensuous! Reputed since age as a ‘food of love,’ pomegranate is delightful, high in antioxidants, and has newly been shown to increase testosterone and sex drive in both men and ladies. Eat it fresh with the seeds, or take it as a juice.