10 Products That Refresh Even Better Than Coffee

10 Products That Refresh Even Better Than Coffee

There are many controversial pieces of research regarding the effect coffee has on the body. Some believe that the drink is harmful to the heart and stomach, while others are convinced of its benefits. Despite the fact that the final judge of coffee has not yet taken place, most people are trying in every possible way to reduce its use or even plan to abandon it. But in this case, a completely logical question arises on how to wake up in the morning if there is no coffee in the diet?

The aromatic drink has firmly taken its place in our life. But if you still decide to switch to tea or freshly squeezed juices, study the list of products that will cheer you up no worse, or even better than coffee.

  • Apples

The English often use the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Literally, it means that a person who eats one apple a day can forget about visits to the doctor. In fact, this statement is very correct, because apples relieve apathy, sleepiness, and bad mood. Such a positive effect is possible due to the content in one fruit of 13 grams of sugar. And, as you know, fast carbohydrates help the brain wake up and activate faster. A big tasty apple may well replace the cup of coffee that you are used to drinking in the morning before going to work. Only the benefits of it will be much more than a hot drink.

  • Eggs

There are proteins in the eggs that have a positive effect not only on muscles, brain activity but also on health in general. Complete with omega 3, fats and proteins, these substances give the body a boost of energy and a pep in one`s step. Eggs eaten for breakfast will give you a feeling of fullness not for 30 minutes, such as a cake, but for 3-4 hours. That is, before lunch, you will feel full of strength, without unexpected attacks of hunger and fatigue.

You can eat eggs in any form, from this they will not become less useful. Cook yourself with fried eggs or scrambled eggs, cook them hard-boiled or soft-boiled and add to the salad. Remember that the main thing, in this case, is not the appearance, but the content.

  • Cocoa

Cocoa (or chocolate, which is its form) is a very useful product for those who strive to always be cheerful and active. Of course, this does not mean that you need to have pounds of sweets daily with you to work. You can get by with a few pieces of chocolate because even in small doses it has a beneficial effect on the body and cheers no worse than coffee.

If you do not like sweets or go on a diet, make milk cocoa for yourself. Proteins and sugar, which are part of the drink, will instantly wake up the body and let it know that the working day will begin soon. There is another plus about it. One of the components of cocoa beans is caffeine, which will help for a long time to maintain the level of glucose in the blood necessary for active brain activity. And do not forget that cocoa in milk is very tasty, and if you start the morning with it, then you are guaranteed a good mood for the whole day.

  • Grapefruit

We are moving from sweet to bitter. Grapefruits belong to the category of products whose smell helps to instantly cheer up and tune in to work. If you think this is an illusion, buy a fruit, cut it and just lay it on your desktop on the table. In less than a minute, your mind will become clear, and you are guaranteed to feel better.

According to scientists, the aroma of citrus invigorates a person faster than other foods. They also include vitamin C, which in a blink of an eye will bring you into tone. It is not surprising that residents of many countries start their morning with a small slice of juicy grapefruit or orange.

  • Oatmeal

If your morning begins with a phrase from relatives “Oatmeal, sir!”, then it will be a priori successful. Despite the fact that among experts there is still no consensus on the benefits of carbohydrates at the beginning of the day, oatmeal remains one of the most popular breakfasts. The reason for this demand is simple – this oatmeal is complex, which means a useful carbohydrate, unlike the same pancakes, waffles, buns, and other pastries. In addition, oatmeal not only instantly fills you with energy but also in the morning sets the right rhythm for metabolism.

  • Spices

Of course, spices are not a complete meal. But if you add the right seasonings to your breakfast, the awakening will be quick and painless. Cinnamon, paprika, black and red pepper, cumin (Zira) will help speed up the metabolism and invigorate the body. They can be added to different dishes, for example, cinnamon will successfully emphasize the taste of oatmeal, pepper and paprika will spice up the omelet, and cumin will be an excellent addition to a vegetable stew or baked meat.

Greek Yogurt
  • Greek yogurt

Greek, or, as it is called in another way, filtered yogurt is the favorite product of fans of healthy eating because it has much less fat than in classic yogurt. It can be used both independently and for dressing salads, instead of mayonnaise or sour cream. Due to the fact that during the filtration, the fermented milk product is deprived of whey, it contains a lot of proteins, as well as little sugar and carbohydrates.

Greek yogurt

After drinking a glass of Greek yogurt for breakfast, you will feel great throughout the day. And also, this wonderful drink promotes the active burning of fats, because, in order to assimilate it, the body spends much more calories than is contained in the product itself.

  • Honey

Many nutritionists and gastroenterologist recommend drinking tea with honey for breakfast. In their opinion, such a drink will kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, the composition of honey includes natural sugars, which the body processes by awakening in a matter of minutes. And, secondly, these substances are very slowly excreted, so you can stay awake for several hours. Honey can be added not only to tea. It will also be a great alternative to jam and jelly, it will sound great in porridge or fruit salad.

  • Nuts

Nuts will help you feel a surge of strength and energy. They contain a lot of magnesium and B vitamins, therefore, eating them for breakfast, you can be 100% sure that at work or at the university you will be cheerful and active. The most important thing is not to overdo it with a daily dose. Nuts are very high in calories, so you can afford a maximum of 30 grams per day.

  • Spinach

It is certainly not the most delicious product. But if you need to cheer up here and now, then nothing can do better than this herbaceous plant. Its components are proteins, iodine, mineral salts, pro vitamin A and many other useful elements that activate brain activity. It is not necessary to eat a salad with spinach leaves for breakfast. You can cook a more attractive variation, an emerald smoothie for example, or omelet.

The above products are not only an excellent alternative to coffee but also simply very beneficial for the body.

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Melisa Marzett keeps a healthy lifestyle. She has no bad habits, drinks green tea only, does yoga and practices meditation. She is a sweet tooth, however, thus once in while she treats herself with something sweet but due to an active way of life, working as a writer for college essay revisions and traveling, she keeps fit and positive thinking.